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AP Computer Science Principles Resources

The AP Computer Science Principles Assessment consists of two parts: a through-course assessment and the end-of-course AP Exam.

Through-Course Assessment: Two performance tasks make up the through-course assessment. The first task requires students to identify a computing innovation, explore its impact, and create a related computational artifact. The second task focuses on the collaborative and iterative process of programming. For the through-course assessment, students will upload digital artifacts, program code, and written responses via a Web-based digital application.


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Free Response Questions (FRQ)

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Multiple Choice Questions


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What to expect

2 Sections

Section I (40% of grade)
Through Course Assessment:
Task 1: Explore — Impact of Computing Innovations
Students explore the impacts of computing on social, economic, and cultural areas of our lives.
Task 2: Create — Applications from Ideas
Students create computational artifacts through the design and development of programs.

Section II (60% of grade)
Total Exam Length = 2 hours

75 Multiple-choice questions, 2 types of MC questions:

Single Select Multiple-Choice: you select 1 answer from among 4 options
Multiple Select Multiple-Choice: you select 2 answers from among 4 options

Programming Fundamentals
Data Structures
LogicAlgorithms/Problem Solving
Object-Oriented Programming
Software engineering

When to expect it

Exam Date 2017

May 05
12:00 PM

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