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Free Response Questions (FRQ)

Multiple Choice Questions


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What to expect

Total Exam Length = 3 hours 

2 sections:
Section I (50% of total grade)
95 minutes
65 multiple-choice questions

Part A: 30 questions; 40 minutes

Questions on variety of authentic print materials (e.g., journalistic and literary texts, announcements, advertisements, letters, maps, and tables).

Part B: 35 questions; ~55 minutes

2 sections: Questions on a variety of authentic audio materials, including interviews, podcasts, public service announcements, conversations, and brief presentations.

Section 1 includes audio texts that are paired with print materials.

Section 2 consists solely of audio texts.

Section II (50% of total grade)
85-minute free response
4 tasks

Part A — Writing:
Read and reply to an email message (15 minutes)Write a persuasive essay based on three sources, including an article, a table or graphic, and a related audio source (played twice), that present different viewpoints on a topic (~55 minutes total: 15 minutes to review materials plus 40 minutes to write)You will have access to the print sources and any notes you may take on the audio during the entire 40-minute writing period.Part

B — Speaking:
Participate in 5 exchanges in a simulated conversation (20 seconds for each response). For this conversation, you will be provided with a preview of the conversation, including an outline of each exchange.Deliver a 2 minute presentation in response to a prompt on a cultural topic comparing cultural features of your own community to those of an area of the French-speaking world.

When to expect it

Exam Date 2017

May 9
12:00 PM

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