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AP Psychology Resources


Free Response Questions (FRQ)

  • College Board / AP Central Resources: Actual FRQs from 1999 to 2015.  The AP Psychology free response questions, scoring guidelines, performance Q&A, scoring statistics, sample responses and overall grade distributions.

Multiple Choice Questions

  • AP Psychology Practice Tests:  Free practice questions with detailed explanations. Includes 12 practice tests that are organized by topic, with over 200 questions. Great for your AP Psychology review.
  • Multiple Choices Quizzes:  Huge collection of multiple choice questions divided by topics.
  • Intro to Psychology Chapter Tests:  Great resources from the 12th edition of Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior by Coon and Mitterer. For each of the 18 chapters there is a multiple choice tutorial quiz, a true/false quiz, flashcards, and a glossary.
  • Textbook Resources: Official site for 8th edition of Psychology: Themes and Variations by Weiten. Tutorial quizzes, glossary’s, and flashcards for each of the 16 chapters.
  • Course Notes Practice Quizzes: This site has 9 multiple choice practice tests.


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What to expect

Total Exam Length = 2 hours

2 sections:
Section I (66% of grade)
70 minutes
100 Multiple-choice questions covering the following topics:

History and Approaches (2%–4%)
Research Methods (8%–10%)
Biological Bases of Behavior (8%–10%)
Sensation and Perception (6%–8%)
States of Consciousness (2%–4%)
Learning (7%–9%)
Cognition (8%–10%)
Motivation and Emotion (6%–8%)
Developmental Psychology (7%–9%)
Personality (5%–7%)
Testing and Individual Differences (5%–7%)
Abnormal Psychology (7%–9%)
Treatment of Psychological Disorders (5%–7%)
Social Psychology (8%–10%)

Section II (33% of grade)
50 minutes
2 Essay questions

When to expect it

Exam Date 2017

May 01
12:00 PM

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