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AP World History Resources



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Free Response Questions (FRQ)

Multiple Choice Questions

  • ACE Practice Tests:  Practice test site for The Earth and Its Peoples: A
    Global History textbook. Approximately 30 questions for each of the 34 textbook chapters.  Excellent interactive exam includes answers
  • McGraw Hill Test:  This 25 question multiple choice quiz from McGraw Hill is based on their “5 Steps to a 5” review book. There are some real good World History review questions here with answers.
  • Full Practice Test:  This is a complete AP World History practice test in PDF format. Includes 70 challenging multiple choice questions along with answers and thorough explanations. Also included free response practice questions and answers.
  • Global Studies Review Quizzes:  Huge collection of multiple choice quizzes categorized by region and topic. Close to 500 questions with answers.
  • World History Textbook:  Quizzes from World History by
    Duiker and Spielvogel. Pick a chapter and then click on “Tutorial Quiz.”  Also has class notes and tips.
  • Textbook Resources: The student center for the Traditions & Encounters textbook has AP World History multiple choice questions and chapter outlines.
  • College Board sample Multiple Choice Questions: pg 93 – 108 for Sample MC questions and answers. 


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What to expect

Total Exam Length = 3 hours 5 min.

2 sections:
Section I (50% of grade)
Multiple Choice - 55 minutes
70 questions

The portion of questions covering each topic and time period is:

Technological and Environmental Transformations to c. 600 BCE (5%)
Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies c. 600 BCE to c. 600 CE (15%)
Regional and Transregional Interactions c. 600 CE to c. 1450 (20%)
Global Interactions c. 1450 to c. 1750 (20%)
Industrialization and Global Integration c. 1750 to c. 1900 (20%)
Accelerating Global Change and Realignments c. 1900 to Present (20%)

Section II (50% of grade)
FRQ - 2 hours 10 minutes (includes 10 min reading period)
3 questions (each question is weighted equally):

Part A:
 1 Document Based Question (DBQ); 50 minutes, which includes a 10-minute reading period

Part B
: Continuity and Change-Over-Time Essay; 40 minutes

Part C: Comparative Essay; 40 minutes

When to expect it

Exam Date 2017

May 11
08:00 AM

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