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Subjects Taught

IB English Lit (SL) 
IB Visual Arts (HL)

Ailene L.

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Industrial Design
(Rochester Institute of Technology, 2021)


  • Total years of tutoring experience: 2+ years
  • Tutored IB English Literature (SL) for 2+ years
  • Achieved a 99% on the IB Visual Arts (HL) final exam
  • The Francoise Henderson Memorial Award: Awarded to a Year 13 student who has demonstrated exemplary social awareness and acceptance (2017)
  • The Dr. Barry Drake Award for International Understanding: Awarded to a Year 12 student for academic excellence and contribution to the school community. (2016)
  • The Christopher Stewart-Clark Prize for Academic Excellence and Service to the School (2015)
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Hourly Rate

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0 - 6 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 100% hourly fee


Why Ailene loves teaching:
I want to tutor English because its highly subjective nature often leaves students confused as to how essays and other tasks should be tackled. After experiencing the IB, I feel that I can provide a more clear-cut approach that can be applied to a range of different assignments to iron out complexities. As for Visual Arts, the sheer number of requirements of the IB curriculum is quite overwhelming, and many small but vital elements are easily neglected. I would love to connect with different students' styles and visions while helping them ensure they hit all the marks, as they simultaneously explore their interests and discover elements that contribute to their individual aesthetic. 

I like tutoring because I enjoy helping others in a very hands-on, interactive way, and also love watching students evolve from a state of confusion to clarity and understanding. When I have knowledge of how an obstacle can be tackled more effectively, I have a strong desire to share it. There have been many moments in the past when I have questioned my own teacher's methods, and tutoring is my opportunity to teach the way I see fit. 

An interesting fact about Ailene:
I love performing! I most recently played the role of evil stepmother in a production of Cinderella at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. 

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