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Subjects Taught

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C

IB Physics (HL)
IB Physics (SL)

Bob M.

(Master Tutor)

US $125/hr


  • Total years of teaching experience: 37+ years
  • Former Science Department Head at the Hong Kong International School for 10 years
  • Trains new and up-coming teachers in Middle School Science Methods and Secondary School Science Methods
  • College-Board Approved Advanced Placement Instructor
  • Attends both AP and IB training institute sessions to stay updated on both curricula


Master of Education
(The University of Minnesota, USA)

Bachelor of Science
(Michigan State University, USA)

Tutoring Example Video

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Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate (USD):

24+ hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: No Fee

6 - 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 50% of hourly fee

0 - 6 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 100% hourly fee


Why Robert loves teaching:
I really enjoy getting students to understand some of the little underlying things that explain how this universe works.  The laws of the universe, though it sounds pretty cosmic, are usually simple yet far reaching and can give a student a lot of insight on why things operate the way that they do.  It is also great to show students that all that math they’ve been taught over their adolescent years actually is applicable and offers a real powerful tool for their own use!

An interesting fact about Robert:
I am a space-age kid, growing up with things like the Apollo program, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the like, and find it fascinating that this stuff still is going after all these years!

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