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Isaac C.

USD $70/hr


Electrical Engineering with a minor in Software Engineering
(McGill University, 2019)


  • Total years of tutoring experience: 2+ years
  • 1 year tutoring AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and a variety of classes that are prerequisites for aforementioned subjects - including but not limited to
    Geometry, Algebra, Elementary Mathematics, etc.
  • 1 year of tutoring at my high school Math and Science Tutoring Center
  • 1 year of tutoring at the Red Cross Kennedy Center for the Disabled
Trial Lesson:
For every new tutor you pair up with, your first 30-mins are free, guaranteed.  We want to make sure your tutor is a good fit for you.  Book here.

Tutoring Example Video

Watch Issac C. teach Kirchhoff current law and Kirchhoff voltage law from AP Physics

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate (USD): 

24+ hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: No Fee

6 - 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 50% of hourly fee

0 - 6 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 100% hourly fee


Why Isaac loves teaching:
I chose to teach AP Physics and AP Computer Science because I believe those are the two most important subjects for aspiring engineers and scientists. As an electrical engineering student myself, I cannot possibly overstress how much I
wish that I did more programming and physics in high school. I hope that as a tutor, I can help the new generation of aspiring engineers and scientists develop a greater appreciation for the field and become more prepared for the intense rigor that they will find in university.

An interesting fact about Isaac:
I once washed my sheets 3 times in one day because I kept forgetting whether I washed them or not.

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Student Reviews

"I would say Isaac has been my most effective tutor"
- Paul A-L, Tutored in computer engineering, analytical mechanics, and electromagnetic fields at McGill University

"Isaac is a very patient tutor that takes the time to explain difficult theories and will always find good examples to help you understand these theories.  He is always prepared with pre-written notes specifically tailored to the person he is tutoring and problem sets.  What I really liked about his teaching is that I didn’t feel afraid to ask him “simple” questions and have a good laugh with him from time to time.  Although we had good laughs, it did not change that I wanted to learn and do my homework.  As a tutee it was important to feel comfortable but also pressured to do my work and learn.  For all those reasons and more, I would say Isaac has been my most effective tutor."

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