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Subjects Taught

IB Philosophy (HL)
IB Eng. Language  (HL)
IB Psychology (SL) 
IB Biology (SL) (Option B: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics)

Pallas Y.

US $30/hour


Arts and Sciences
(University College London, 2020)


  • Total years of tutoring experience: 2+
  • Teacher Commendation: Religious Studies, English, and Art & Design
  • UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge: Gold Certificate 
  • Sha Tin College PTSA Award for Excellence in Philosophy (2017)
  • Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize: Finalist
  • Taught English weekly to kindergarten students at the YWCA
  • Taught English to primary students in Cambodia as part of a Charity program
  • Sha Tin College Media Team - Editor-in-Chief (2015-2017):
    - A student-led group responsible for writing, photographing, and
    publishing articles onto the school’s official website. 
    - Responsible for managing and coordinating over 40 students
Trial Lesson:
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Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate (USD):

24 hours notice required


Why Pallas loves teaching:
A friend once told me his fear of death was less so death itself, but rather the termination of his acquired skills and knowledge. Tutoring is the perfect opportunity for me to pass on such skills and knowledge, whilst helping students maximize their own potential and awaken their own passion for certain subjects. Besides, I hope to make IB a little less painful, and a little more enjoyable for those I tutor. 

An interesting fact about Pallas:
Hopes to be a polyglot someday (in the distant future) 

Languages spoken:
Fluent in English, conversational in Mandarin and Cantonese

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