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Subjects Taught

AP Comp Science A
AP Micro Econ
AP Physics 1

Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Chemistry
Multi-variable Calculus
Linear Algebra

SAT II Subjects:
Math 2


Yiluo L.

US $50/hour


(University of California, Santa Barbara, 2021)


  • Total years of tutoring experience: 2+ years
  • Taught SAT Physics, high school physics, and introductory college physics
  • Tutored astronomy and introductory computer science during study sessions at UCSB
  • Coursework
    Vector Calculus, Differential Equation, Complex Analysis, Java and OOP, Data Structure and Algorithm, Introductory Machine Learning, Advanced Mechanics, (Grad Course) Dynamics, Linear Algebra, Quantum Mechanics, Probability and Statistics, (Grad Course) Quantum Computing
  • VURP Student at Caltech
    Conducts research on planetary science topics with Prof. Michael Brown, the one who degraded Pluto
  • Co-Founder of THE Hack Hackathon:
    Largest hackathon in China with 500 participants from all over the world
  • Software Engineer Intern at InitialView
    Re-design front-end and develop webpages to aid with events organizing
  • Astrophysics Researcher at the Summer Science Program
    Among the 2 admitted out of 70+ Chinese applicants
    Determined the orbit of the Near-Earth Asteroid 40329 (1999ML) Results accepted by the Minor Planet Center
  • Astrodynamics Researcher at the Research Mentorship Program
    Breakthrough Initiative Starshot project Optimized the trajectory for the laser-propelled spacecraft Utilize laser-spacecraft resonance point for maximum utilization of energy
  • Hackathon Awards:
    - Goldman Sachs Best Data Visualization Prize: MHacks X, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, September 2017
    - Grand Prize First Place:  i-Lab Hackathon, INESA-Lab, June 2017
    - Grand Prize Second Place: HackNanjing, Country Garden East China Head Center Building, May 2017
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Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate (USD): 

24+ hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: No Fee

6 - 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 50% of hourly fee

0 - 6 hours notice of cancellation prior to lesson: 100% hourly fee


Why Yiluo loves teaching:

An interesting fact about Yiuo:
Interesting fact about me: I have a Level 10 Certificate in Art for Manga and Animation

Languages Spoken:

English, Mandarin

Programming languages:
Java, Python 2&3, Ada, C++

Web Development:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Bootstrap

Arduino, Sabertooth, DJI, Leap Motion

Internet of Things (IoT):
Ruff, Raspberry Pi

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