Find out first hand information from a Tutor-Mentor who's "been there and done that" .
Our Tutor-Mentors can provide insight on everything from the university application process to life skills.

Why everyone needs a Mentor

At MAST Education, we believe in the power of mentorship to help students achieve their full potential.  We first help students identify their individual needs through a 30-minute free consultation, and then match them with a mentor attending their target university to provide guidance in the following areas:

1. College admissions  
- Understanding unique strengths and resources of the university
- Building an outstanding profile
- Interview preparation
- Information about the university

2. Personal Statement
- Essay critique
- Highlighting significant experiences
- Captivating the reader
- Choosing a theme Mechanics (structure, grammar, etc.)

3. Identifying passion
- Developing your passion into measurable outcomes
- Incorporating your passion into your profile
- Making an impression to university admissions

4. Study Skills
- Time management
- How to combat procrastination
- Preparation for exams and major assignments

It is our hope that through this mentorship, students can gain admission to their dream schools, and our mentors can be become their role models to inspire them to further personal growth.

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